Jim Millar has the knowledge and field experience to understand how different soil properties impact crop productivity. The variability of these soil properties are the driving factor for variable rate technology.

In 2004 Jim realized that, despite the widespread adoption of GPS variable rate technology in modern agricultural equipment, producers in the region did not have the soil data to use the technology to its fullest potential.

With almost 20 years experience as a soil scientist, Jim had the knowledge and skill to properly interpret soil test results and develop the most accurate soil management zones in the industry, but he knew that soil management zones are just pretty maps unless they can be converted to a variable rate prescription that will function in the producer’s equipment. If this could be done successfully, however, the producer would improve their profit significantly.

Jim approached Francis Schaffer, who was working full-time at a local equipment dealer, with the idea of combining his highly accurate soil management zone maps with Francis’ ability to make agricultural equipment function as designed. Precision Soil Management was initially envisioned as a part-time venture, but as word spread and their customer base grew, they soon realized that the need for their service was too significant to ignore.

Precision Soil Management L.L.C. was officially formed by Jim Millar and Francis Schaffer in July 2006, and Francis began working full-time on the new company. In 2008, Jim transitioned to full–time as soil scientist for Precision Soil Management, and Garrett Rahm was added to the team to help meet the needs of an expanding customer base.

Precision Soil Management currently operates in several counties primarily within a 50-mile radius of its headquarters in Redfield, South Dakota. In addition, Francis is the Farm Works Software dealer for South Dakota, and is also a dealer for Rawson Control Systems.

Jim and Francis